Do your letters and emails end up in here?

I love that line. But it’s not mine.

It comes from: The Robert Collier Letter Book.

Drayton calls it the best book on letter writing ever. But I’ve
stupidly not read it – till now.

And the hell of wastebasketdom is – of course – where your letter
lands if it’s no good.

But how do you escape that ghastly fate?

Collier says:

Getting the results you set out to accomplish with a letter is no
more a matter of rule of thumb than is landing a fish with rod and

You know how often you have seen some ragged urchin pull in fish
after fish with the crudest of lines, when a “sportsman” nearby,
though armed with every piscatorial lure known to man, could not
raise even a bit!

It’s a matter of bait, that’s all …

So Collier says you need 2 things:

What is the bait that will tempt your reader?

How can you tie up the thing you have to offer with that bait?

I know I’m going to learn loads from Robert Collier.

But what about your letters – and emails of course – what’s your

And how are you tying in what you offer?

If you’re struggling, maybe I can help.

Perhaps you just want advice & guidance. Or would you like us to
write for you?

Whichever it is just email me with the subject line ‘Collier’.

And let’s land some big fish together.