Will you keep repeating what you do?

Will you keep repeating what you do?

… Caught pinching down the lane.

But we just can’t stop nicking things from shops.

So we’ll get 6 months again.

Those words come – I think – from a musical called Carrots by Peter Canwell.

It tells the (true) story of why Dr Thomas Barnado set up his first home for destitute children in 1866.

A client reminded me of the lines in an email he sent me earlier today.

I’d suggested he try an online, long copy page – with an upsell – to sell a book he’d written.

And he replied:

I’m a little nervous because it is a radical departure from the way I’ve marketed in the past, but as the trite but true saying goes:

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

As you can see he’s smart enough to know it’s worth trying.

But would you?

Lots of people don’t. They mumble something about it won’t work, or it’s too long.

Guess what …

They get the same results they always did.

Just like the boys who couldn’t stop stealing.

I’ve never actually gone to jail for any of my clients, but I do try damn hard.

So if you’re smart enough to try something different why not email me??

You’re not committing to doing anything if you do.

And as Al often says, ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’.

So why not get in touch today?.