Hand car wash

Cheaper, or better?

I always had a proper valeter wash my car.

For £25 he’d come to the office and do a pretty reasonable job.

But lately I’ve been driving 3 miles for 5 very hardworking Polish gentlemen to do it. Why?

… after all it’s nowhere near as convenient.

Well there’s the price – at £17 it’s 32% cheaper. But this isn’t really why I switched.

No. I jumped ship because they do a much better job.

So much better they could raise their prices all the way to £25 and still get my business. (Please don’t tell them though).

Do you see?

It’s being better that counts. And it counts far more than having a cut-price race to the bottom.

This is true for your business – for any business. Yet incredibly most people don’t say nearly enough about WHY they’re better.

Some say nothing at all, or just boast.

Whatever you sell … ask yourself: how am I better than my competitors? With the numbers to prove it.

Then make sure you tell people.

I can help you with this – or any other part of your marketing.

Just email me with the subject line Better and I’ll get in touch.