Did you see that extraordinary picture?

The BBC described it thus:

US President Barack Obama, UK Prime Minister David Cameron, and Denmark’s PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt took an impromptu photograph of themselves at the memorial service for the late South African President Nelson Mandela.

On Drayton‘s blog he said it was:

How not to behave at the funeral of a great man when the whole world is watching.

Was he talking rubbish? Maybe.

But I pointed out to him that the picture utterly smashes the biggest Business to Business selling myth. And what is that, you may ask …

Obama Selfie

Just 3 normal folk …

People always think you have to write differently when talking to business people.

It’s as though in some mysterious way they aren’t the same as you. But how?

You’re a business person.

Do you have 2 heads, 3 arms, or 4 eyes? Of course not.

Do you get angry, worried, happy, frustrated?

Of course you do.

Consider those people in the picture.

Three powerful people – whether you agree with their politics, or not.

But here the masks are down …

Forget where they are. Aren’t they just behaving like normal people?

Like your average bloke in the pub, David Cameron even joked about the photograph later in the week.

Although – of course – he wasn’t in your local, but the Houses of Parliament when he did it.

If you’re still not convinced, read the opening of this letter. It was sent to the top bods at 3 water companies:

How to boost your cash by £3.52m

Dear Mr Testname,

And you don’t pay until the cash is in the bank

You’re probably thinking this sounds too good to be true…

But it’s working for ************. They collected an extra £1.96 million cash last year.

And ***** did even better – with an extra £2.25m.

No wonder Commercial Director ***** ***** is asking what else we can do.

Where do all these extra millions come from?

It’s so simple I almost feel like apologising.

These vast sums come from finding partially billed commercial properties – and getting the cash.

In your case – £3.52m of cash.

See, no fancy language. Nothing different to a letter you’d send to a customer.

But as you know, with Direct Marketing it doesn’t matter what you, or I think.

It’s the results which count. So how did the letter do?

My client wanted meetings with the water companies. They’ve never managed to get them despite trying for years.

After reading the letter all 3 water companies got in touch to arrange meetings.

Still think you need to write differently for B2B?

If you’d like me to write for your business just email me with a subject line of: It’s just the same, Gerald.

I do loads more than just letters. So send me the email whatever marketing help you want.