I’ve wanted to write The Book of Al ever since I started working with Drayton.

If you follow Drayton you’ll know of Al.  He’s another of the business partners.

While Drayton can – usually – be relied on to come up with a useful quotation.

Al has a stock of phrases.

And it’s these and their meanings you’ll find on this page.

Don’t be fooled though.  Just because it’s Al – not Goethe, Churchill, or Ogilvy – it doesn’t mean they’re not worth paying attention to.

I now regularly find myself using something from The Book of Al.  Maybe after reading some of this page you will too.

So let’s get started …

Diamonds in dung heaps: Something good in a sea of things that are no good.  For example, the one piece of good advice you got from a day long seminar which was frankly dreadful.

What’s the worst that can happen?: Just do it and worry later.  Taught to Al – he says – by the genius that is Dr Pepper.

You’ve got to cover ground: Standing still and doing nothing doesn’t get you anywhere.  You must do something and aim at your goal – whatever it is.

Fail fast: No point wasting your time on something that simply isn’t working.  So find out quickly whether it will work, or not.  If it doesn’t then ditch it.