Sexist and more than a touch 1970’s – but a great email subject line.

I know …

It’s sexist and more than a touch 1970’s.

But if it was an email Subject Line, you’d open the email wouldn’t you. And that’d be the subject line’s job done.

So what makes a great subject line?

The answer is pretty much the same as writing a sales letter’s headline. In order they are:

  • A benefit to the reader.
  • News for the reader.
  • Intriguing your reader.

And if – as in this case – you can pack two, or all three in there – all the better.

But there’s a sting in the tail …

Unlike a headline – which can be 15 – 20 words, maybe more – your subject line should be 40 characters max. Why?

Because a lot of email clients’ preview panes will only show this much.

Worse still, even with a cracking subject line, your email could get missed.

I don’t know about you, but I have to wade through hundreds of emails every morning.

What to do?

There are a few tricks you can try …

  • Use characters like < and > to surround your subject line.
  • Put >> at the beginning.
  • … try << or >> or … at the end.
  • Try enclosing words like [this].

With all the characters on your keyboard, there’s a myriad of options.

As a subject line, Use “FREE!” to show a little cleavage┬áis 37 characters. So I could have tested:

  • <Use “FREE!” to show a little cleavage>
  • >> Use “FREE!” to show a little cleavage
  • Use “FREE!” to show a little cleavage >>
  • Use “FREE!” to show a little cleavage <<
  • Use “FREE!” to show a little cleavage…
  • Use [FREE!] to show a little cleavage

etc, etc …

Tomorrow I’ll explain how you actually Use “FREE!” to show a little cleavage.

… and reveal the biggest mistake so many websites make.

But if you want some help with your emails – or any other copy – today, send me an email with a subject line of Cleavage.

In case you’re wondering, I stole this headline. And next week I’m going to show you where to steal yours.